Cannavis Liquid Tincture — by Smokiez

Flavor: mango (others available)

Dosage: 200 mg

As tested: medical


THC dosing accuracy: 

Overall quality:

Available for both medical and recreational

Comments: This product is AMAZING! The “mango” flavor is incredible! Cannavis actually is a syrup that can be drunk, smoked (from an oil vape cartridge) or used in cooking! It’s very versatile and very delicious. However, based on the first dose we recommend dosing yourself “lightly” to start. Each bottle for medical patients contains 200 milligrams of THC, making this product very easy to take too much at first. The best way to control your dose, depending on your use, is to start by taking a teaspoon, give yourself 20 minutes and then gauge your next dose from there. The mango gave us a wonderful body high with a euphoric head high, as well. It was perfect after a long day of traveling. Very relaxing.