Lunch Box Alchemy Squibs


Dosage: 100mg

THC dosing accuracy:

Effects: long lasting warm body high with euphoria

As tested: Medical

Available for Medical | Recreational: Both

Strain: NA

Overall Quality:

What is a Squib?

squib [skwib] noun; a fruity, cannabis-infused soft chew

squib•bing [skwibbing] verb; the act of eating and feeling the effects of a Squib; ex: squibbing in the sea of mellow moods and alleviated ailments

Known throughout Oregon for their consistency in potency and effectiveness, Squibs lead the way and set the standard when it comes to edibles. With a loyal following, known as the #SquibSquad (which grows bigger every day), Squibs have attained legendary status among edible enthusiasts statewide. Offered in ten juicy flavors in either 100mg or 15mg units, Squibs are crafted for both the veteran edible expert and newcomer alike. They can be enjoyed whole or portioned as needed. They even scored the Squib 100 to make it easier to divvy up.

  • Squib 100mg flavors: Grapefruit, Pineapple, Cherry, Green Apple, Mango, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Grape

• Squib 15mg flavors: Cherry, Green Apple and Orange