Wax of the Month – Hush Canna Pineapple

Hush Canna Pineapple

The process starts in Hush’s grow area when the company selects the freshest choice of chronic flowers. The flowers are then cut from the plant and immediately handed to its extraction team for processing to capture the most THC content. The extraction team’s first step is to freeze the fresh flowers to stop any additional plant growth and drying out of the flower. At the same time, this procedure locks in the terpenes and the freshness of this flower’s optimal potential.

What is live resin? A relatively new extraction process, reportedly developed by an old school grower known as Kind Bill, this process was impossible to do prior to the invention of commercial grade closed-loop butane extraction systems. Instead of using dry plant material, as is the norm for BHO extractions, the live resin process uses fresh frozen plants that were harvested only hours earlier. This creates a product that has the terpene profile of the live plant rather than the dried flowers (terpenes degrade and change as the plant is dried).

Hush wax and concentrates can be found at over 200 local dispensaries including:

Siskiyou Medical Supply
1796 Ashland St. Ashland, OR 97520
Phone (541) 488-7621
Hours: Daily 10 am – 7 pm


The FlowerShop Fine Cannabis
12550 SE. Division St. Portland, OR
Phone: (971) 254-9185
Hours: Daily 8 am – 10 pm


210 W. Washington St. Huntington, OR 97907
Phone: (541) 869-2029
Hours: Daily 9 am – 6 pm


La Mota
644 SE. Cass Ave. Roseburg, OR 97470
Phone: (541) 672-9333
Hours: Daily 9 am – 9 pm


17020 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97236
Phone: (971) 279-4932
Hours: Daily 10 am – 10 pm