Gear Guide June | July 2017

Tree Hut All Wood Watch — Ebony + Walnut 37

This all-wooden watch is equipped with high-quality, Japanese quartz movement and stainless-steel, tri-fold clasp with push buttons. Diameter of the dial is 1.7 inches. Strap and case are made of 100 percent wood — walnut framed in beautiful, dark ebony.

Soap for Stoners

It’s 4:20 somewhere …Of course, it’s always 4:20 in Oregon, so why not smell of the good stuff all day long! In dank shades of green and lightly scented with cannabis, the bar from Whiskey River Soap Co. transports you on a trip down memory lane to … uh, wait … We can’t remember what we were talking about.

The Herbalizer desktop vaporizer

Beauty and brains — The Herbalizer is all that. Intelligent software monitors usage to prevent overheating while a tilt sensor will cause the heater to shut down if knocked over. If you walk away for too long, sleep mode automatically activates, so you can breathe easy.

OtterBox Venture Cooler

OtterBox built its reputation keeping water out of its containers. The OtterBox Venture Cooler earns its keep by keeping water from forming inside. Certified bear-resistant, its rugged design can hold ice for up to 14 days and has been drop-tested on every side and edge, empty or full. It’s also customizable, letting you quickly attach accessories like a cutting board, dry storage tray, cup holders and dry boxes; the integrated handles double as tie-down anchors. Available in 25-, 45-, and 65-quart capacities and three outdoor-ready color schemes.

Assolar laser slingshot

Not your child’s slingshot! Capable of firing projectiles at high speed, the Assolar laser slingshot is a serious weapon. The infrared sight and laser flashlight make finding targets easier, and the ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold. Removing the laser transforms the slingshot into a machine capable of shooting an arrow, making an already powerful weapon even more lethal.

The Santa Feo

Steven Mattern tops the measure of craftsmanship, design and functionality in this amazing pipe. The Santa Feo Pipe offers three individual bowls and defines the ultimate meaning of what a novelty pipe looks like, nevertheless, how it smokes.

Skycamp Rooftop Tents

Easy to install and surprisingly spacious, Skycamp Rooftop Tents are sensible alternatives to the traditional camper. Closed inside a clamshell-like hard case, the tent unfurls in less than a minute. The honeycomb base panels in lightweight, durable aluminum give you a king-sized space, with enough height to sit up comfortably. An included ladder makes it easy to get in and out, it’s available in two fabric styles to suit your needs and the “sky view” window provides a glimpse of the stars from the bed. It attaches via a universal mounting system that accommodates most crossbars and is available in black or white.

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Need your caffeine fix? Being on the go doesn’t always leave time for pour-over or French press, making a delicious, instant option important. The only problem: Most instant coffee is bad. Alpine Start Instant Coffee’s answer is 100 percent Arabica beans sourced straight from Columbia. It works in hot or cold liquids and is incredibly easy to toss in your pack as you head out for a hike, camping trip or just your daily commute to work.

AWOL Discreet Duffel

The AWOL Duffel Bag from DL Wholesale is made from the highest quality fabrics and stitching available. The materials in the AWOL Duffel Bag are stitched together seamlessly to deliver odor-locking power unrivaled by any other duffel bag on the market. Rugged, durable, water-repellant and odor-proof, the AWOL Duffel will carry your harvest safely and discreetly.

Snoop Dogg Starship Bong Rig

Snoop’s POUNDS Starship Water Pipe, by Famous Brandz, is a lot more than just a bong. It easily transforms into a dab rig for concentrates with its reverse 14-millimeter male joint. The Starship compact bong hits like a champ.

Vans ‘Cork’ Authentic

Summer is here, Oregon! Need a new pair of kicks? Vans “Cork” Authentic might be right up your alley. The legendary brand jumps into the cork game with these sharp-looking kicks, although it’s just a pattern, not actual cork, covering you from heel to toe. Light and breathable, paired with the white sole and laces, they’re perfect for what’s left of shorts season.