Potlight – Going Green Compassion Center

Weed Aficionado took some time to sit down with the staff of Going Green Compassion Center (GGCC) in Portland to see what makes them such a great location.

WAM: What year did you open your doors for business?

GGCC: We opened our doors in early June 2014.

WAM: What would you say is the reason behind your success in this area?

GGCC: Our knowledgeable staff, our friendly service and our wide selection of products.

WAM: Do you service both medical and recreational now?

GGCC: Yes we do. We just recently opened up to recreational on February 9th; we were med only before then. We were the first and only shop for a while in the county and the first rec shop in the county when it went legal.

WAM: What makes GGCC stand out from other dispensaries around town?

GGCC: Our convenient location right off the I-5 and our large selection of recreational products. We have four stores under the going green brand: Sweet Home, Grande Ronde, Albany and West Coast Inc.

WAM: Are there plans to open any new locations this year?

GGCC: Nothing planned, but we are always looking.

WAM: Your store has been in the middle of a relatively dry area. Do you think it’s your medicine, your location or your staff that brings people in?

GGCC: It would be a solid combination of all three. Our staff is really friendly and show genuine interest and concern for our patients. Our location is right off the I-5, so super convenient for any traveler passing through the area. And our flowers are fresh from some of the top recreational growers in the area.

WAM: What’s new for GGCC in 2017 that we should look for?

GGCC: More potent products … and thoughts on a going-green fashion line are up in the air.

WAM: How would you describe your relationship with the local Oregon growers and producers?

GGCC: We maintain strong and friendly relations with all of our vendors and work on consistently having strains on our shelves.

WAM: Do you think that tax revenue from recreational is making a difference in Oregon?

GGCC: Absolutely. There were 11 million pounds of recreational marijuana sold in Oregon in the first quarter alone. The dollar amount is still being totaled, but 11 million pounds is definitely a great start for Oregon’s recreational sales.

WAM: Do you believe that since the start of recreational sales it has impacted the criminal element in your area?

GGCC: It’s still too early in this young emerging industry to have statistics about the local crime rates. Recreational has only been legal since November 11, however we have seen a positive outlook in the local communities since opening our doors to recreational.