BhombChelly’s Cannabis Infused Gummy

Flavor: Watermelon (more flavors available)

Dosage: 65 mg

As tested: Recreational


THC dosing accuracy:

Overall quality:

Available for medical/recreational: Both

Comments: This is our first review of the BhombChelly’s line, for good reason. We wanted to see if their process had changed, and as of late that does not seem to be the case. We tried to reach out to BhombChelly’s directly to let them know that we don’t feel their dosing is accurate, but they never called us back. The ‘watermelon’ flavor is fantastic. But at the end of the day, if you’re looking to medicate with an edible, there are better options on the market. Let us just say, above all, the THC dosing is not accurate. For a single serving at about 13 milligrams, the package is deceptive for sure at 0.3. By double-dosing, you would be more apt to feel the cannabis’ effects. The average tolerance for most WAM employees is pretty high (no pun intended), meaning anyone with a lower tolerance could be affected differently. But when factoring in pricing and dosage inaccuracy, your money is better spent on similar products by other manufacturers.