Indica Strain Report

Bud of the Month — Oregon Diesel

Proudly grown in Oregon by Ananda Farms

Ananda Farms’ version of Oregon Diesel is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines NYC Diesel and Blackberry genetics in a blend specifically for the Pacific Northwest climate. This strain was popularized a few years back for the wonderful sleep aid that it is. A true indica, Odi helps with more than sleep. Its attributes also include a wonderful body buzz that alleviates pain and, from what we can attest, makes you pretty darn happy and giggly. Like other “diesels,” it has a very strong taste and smell with some great, earthy undertones. Odi is recommended for nighttime pain relief; its relaxing, yet clear-headed effects, will calm stress and help to ward off sleepless nights.

Medical uses —

Fights depression:

Relieves stress:

Helps with sleep:

Relieves pain:

Alleviates headaches:

What others had to say about Ananda Farms Oregon Diesel …

“Sweet, sweet relief. This strain vaulted me over the void. I was up in the clouds, but I could run around in the clouds! I was writing, I was designing, I was thinking. My depression lifted for the first time in eight months. I was crying in relief because I remembered who I was. I have no words. I wanted to kiss the feet of the acquaintance who gifted me a gram. This is going to become a regular part of my fight against severe bipolar depression.”Becca, Bend Ore.