Lunchbox Alchemy Shrapnel

Flavor: Green apple

Dosage: 50 mg

As tested: Recreational


THC dosing accuracy:

Overall quality:

Available for medical/recreational: Both

Comments: Unlike Lunchbox Alchemy’s Squib, the Shrapnel won’t take you on a wild ride, but it will definitely warm your cockles. We tested the ‘green apple,’ and it was delicious! We enjoyed it not only as a hard candy, but also liquefied it into a club soda sitting in the sunshine and yes … yes … yes, it was just as good! We can say, without a doubt, that Lunchbox knows what they are doing when it comes to making edibles. The Shrapnel fills you with a warm body high that is perfect when camping or just relaxing. We did find that in hotter weather the candy tends to be messy, so keep it chilled this summer before enjoying. Dosing is on you, really. Each piece is almost 5 milligrams, but slightly smaller and larger pieces sometimes make it more difficult to gauge. Yet they are still very enjoyable.