Doctor Phill’s Pharma CBD|THC Elixir

Dosage: CBD 58 mg | 37.5 THC

As tested: Recreational

Taste: N/A

THC dosing accuracy:

Overall quality:

Comments: First and foremost, we feel that Doctor Phill’s ‘pill’ concept is great! For prescription opiate users, Doctor Phill’s ‘pills’ are the ideal substitute … a little pricey at $5 a pill but well worth using in lieu of an opiate. Our first recommendation is to take them on an empty stomach for faster and better results. A person who lives with chronic pain, WAM’s publisher found that taking one in the morning gave him enough relief throughout the day without making him loopy or tired. Doctor Phill’s Pharma offers three options for pills — THC, CBD and a combination — meaning they can treat the gamut of conditions. If you’re looking to just get high, this is not the right kind of ‘medicine.’