Vitonic Cannabis Infused Beverage

Flavor: Mango

Dosage: 100 mg

As tested: Medical


THC dosing accuracy:

Overall quality:

Available for: Medical

Comments: OMG! WAM’s own publisher tested this product and can’t say enough wonderful things about Vitonic! The dispensary owners where we purchased this product warned us that it was VERY accurate for dosing. Yes it is!! So we recommend starting with one small sip! Then see where 1 to 2 ounces takes you. DO NOT drink the whole bottle in one sitting no matter how good this stuff tastes! Unless you are a thrill seeker, then have at it! We drank our bottle sparingly and, from taste to dosage, highly recommend it!! HIGHLY! AMAZING! The ‘mango’ version has a wonderful flavor that makes the cannabis faint to almost nonexistent. The effects are intense, and you can’t help but feel happiness after partaking in Vitonic! For medical patients, the only downside is wanting to drink the entire bottle because it tastes that good! Its pricing also is very affordable for the dosage in each bottle. Great job Vitonic!