Smokiez Sour Gummiez (flavors: Watermelon, JamBerry, Tropical Fruit, BlackBerry and Sour Apple)


Dosage: 55Mg

THC dosing accuracy: NA

Effects: Soothing with sustained energy and comfort

As tested: Medical

Available for Medical | Recreational: Both

Overall Quality:

These new CBD gummies don’t taste like a regular edible… there is definitely a medical taste where you can tell the CBD is present. The candy now comes in a log so to speak with a dosing measure printed on the back of the package that we thought was really cool. There are 10 doses in each product making the CBD the highest that we have seen in Oregon with pretty much zero THC. They are derived from hemp making this a safe product for children with medical conditions that require CBD. There are a variety of other flavors for those that like variety. We highly recommend trying them all.