Potlight – The CDC Dispensary

Weed Aficionado asked Walker Davis of The CDC Dispensary in Tigard to explain the business’ success and what’s in store for the cannabis industry. The CDC is at 10015 201 S.W. Hall Blvd., Tigard. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 9:55 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday.

WAM: Do you service both recreational and medical users?

CDC: We are a recreational shop with a medical endorsement. Maintaining our medical roots was extremely important to The CDC Dispensary. None of us would be here without the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

WAM: With all the changes in the cannabis industry, what’s the biggest impact that recreational sales have had on your business?

CDC: We love and value all of our customers and wouldn’t trade them for the world. With that being said, fortunately The CDC has been blessed with more traffic nowadays then the fast-food joint up the street. Volume, volume, volume — that has been the biggest impact.

WAM: What is the biggest draw to your location?

CDC: I hear a ton of talk about two things: our low, low prices and the staff. A shout-out to our team’s unrelenting customer service and knowledge to the point of embodying a “weed sommelier” — truly cannabis professionals.

WAM: What is the reason behind your business’ success?

CDC: In short, respect, helpfulness and humility are key at The CDC Dispensary. That mantra that has been contagious from the start, qualities derived straight from owner Judith LaParne’s being. Fortunately, this idea has transcended into each member of our team, even to customers and vendors. For example, if we don’t have a certain requested product, our staff will check menus of nearby shops and even call to find that product for a customer. It may not seem ideal for the average capitalist, but The CDC is not an average dispensary. Those qualities, combined with our best foot forward, have definitely blessed us with some success in this industry. However, this is a feat impossible without our employees, patrons and vendors.

WAM: What inspired your passion for this industry?

CDC: Well, who doesn’t enjoy cannabis? On a deeper note, our passion is helping people. We started as a medical shop because we wanted to help patients. Fortunately, now The CDC is able to help even more people. Anything that comes with that is just a bonus.

WAM: What is your favorite part of the job?

CDC: Hmmmmm. Where to begin? Interacting with customers and vendors is so fulfilling. It is no overstatement when we say The CDC is proud to serve. Not to mention the biggest component of my workload, purchasing flower, happens to be one of my favorites and is absolutely surreal to me. I’m sure this answer differs from person to person, but not everybody’s job entails buying product. Personally, I thank my higher power every day that I get to participate in this industry.

WAM: What’s new for your business in 2018?

CDC: I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say that we are expecting to have a little more room to grow in 2018. Also, very exciting news: The CDC is licensed for delivery. We intend on using that license in 2018.

WAM: What do think customers will demand more of in the future?

CDC: Flower is a proverbial “classic” for a reason. However, I do see concentrates, specifically cartridges, gaining tremendous popularity. But don’t tell the processors that!

WAM: What are the biggest challenges that cannabis business owners face in the industry?

CDC: Banking, plain and simple.

WAM: As the cannabis industry grows and improves, what developments are you most looking forward to in the future?

CDC: Within the scope of reach? Again, banking. It would be so nice to see a more accessible means of banking. That is an obvious means to cut down on risky amounts of cash on hand and to actually utilize money that, in some cases, is just taking up space. Interstate trade makes me overflow with excitement but, like I said, within the scope of reach.