Indica Strain Report

Purple Kush — indica (Pk)

Proudly grown by: Primo Farms

Available at: fine dispensaries across Oregon

THC: 21.92 percent | CBD: 0.23 percent

Unlike most Primo Farms strains, this one won’t have you running to your couch. You won’t even make it there, unless it’s where you started! Those fortunate enough to smoke this strain often will vouch that it’s great for sleep! Couch lock? … YES! This is where we can attest that THC testing is a complete farce because this strain is packed with “stoniness” — and a lot of it! Heavy on the THCA levels, it makes for a great night of relaxing. Eating a few slices of mango 20 minutes before smoking will help to boost your level of relaxation instantly.

Strain attributes:

Helps with sleep:

Relieves pain:

Reduces stress: