Potlight – Serra

The strength of Serra’s brand is tempered for convenience with two Portland locations: downtown at 220 S.W. First Ave. and across the Morrison Bridge at 2519 S.E. Belmont St. Both stores are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sunday hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. downtown, until 7 p.m. on Belmont. Marketing Director Chasity Roesler eloquently explains for Weed Aficionado how Serra transcends the dispensary model to offer a lifestyle-driven label.

WAM: What year did your doors open for business?

SERRA: Serra opened its doors in 2016.

WAM: Do you service both recreational and medical users?

SERRA: Serra is a recreational dispensary with a diverse collection of customers. We serve both recreational and medical users by offering a wide selection of quality products with varying price points.

WAM: What is the biggest draw at your location?

SERRA: Serra is committed to products, service and environment. We strive to have these key pillars uphold our brand and elevate the customer experience. Thus, we are fortunate to have carefully curated products, beautiful and comfortable spaces to shop, as well as knowledgeable staff members who care deeply about fostering relationships with their customers and ties within their neighborhood.

WAM: What is the reason behind your business’ success?

SERRA: Serra delivers the very best-quality products and the most knowledgeable, artful experience while breaking stereotypes associated with cannabis culture … or at least that is our battle cry.

WAM: What inspired your passion for this industry?

SERRA: We wanted to create a space for new (and active) consumers to feel comfortable and confident to shop. We created useful, feelings-based talking points for our docents (budtenders) to guide customers through our products.

WAM: What is your favorite part of the job?

SERRA: Our favorite part is getting to work with so many driven people and businesses in this industry. We enjoy supporting local growers, artists and makers to curate a wonderful selection of high-design, high-quality and high-value products that enable our in-store and e-commerce customers to comfortably bring Serra into their home and life.

WAM: What’s new for your business in 2018?

SERRA: Serra is working on a handful of special collaborative projects throughout the year. As a multi-channel retailer that showcases unique design alongside wholesale channel products that support the Serra lifestyle-driven brand, we look forward to offering additional (thoughtful) products to the market in 2018.

WAM: What do think customers will demand more of in the future?

SERRA: Customers have and will continue to seek reputable brands that provide quality products at reasonable prices. Edibles likely will shine in 2018, as will innovative and discreet products that provide unique delivery/dosage possibilities.

WAM: What are the biggest challenges that cannabis business owners face in the industry?

SERRA: Being a new industry with restrictive regulations can make for a trying strategic plan, though at Serra we remain optimistic as our industry proves its value and earns merit locally and nationally, thus opening cannabis to exciting innovations and partnerships.