The Home Décor Gear Guide


Nothing surpasses the rugged warmth of natural wood and linen. True to its name, the Oak Linen Sofa is just that. Built with a solid oak frame, the piece transforms the rustic material into a contemporary design that will last as long as you do. Its natural linen cushions boast down filling for extra comfort while the dark charcoal hue fits any decorating style. Available in three different lengths.


It’s certainly not the first connected gadget to tell you when your air quality is poor, but the Airmega Smart Air Purifier also can do something about it. The bright LED ring on the front indicates the current air status. Its corresponding app issues more information, and smart mode automatically controls the fan speed. Its Max2 filter removes up to 99.97 percent of fine dust, allergens, mold spores and volatile organic compounds, not to mention odors. Available in graphite or white, as well as multiple sizes to complement any home decor and square footage.


With a design that looks traditional, the Smoke Lounge Chair is anything but. Its classic, carved-wood frame has a fired finish. This treatment not only forges a unique chair but also imparts individual characteristics to each piece by Moooi. Sealing the charred timber with epoxy resin adds strength, and black leather lends luxury. Tufting makes for a timeless look that enhances any room.


Substantial enough to host decades of play yet elegant enough to double as a dining table, the Masterwal UA1 Ping Pong Table is a versatile piece of heirloom-quality furniture. Designer Mikiya Kobayashi built the original from solid walnut with a brass inlay serving as the center line. The material is mirrored in the struts that hold up the solid leather net. Also available in white oak and black cherry, the table requires a four-week lead time to accommodate the craftsmanship behind it.


Looking for unique style? Made in California from white oak and steel, the MARCH Worktable by Union Studio adds a touch of industrial charm to any office or workshop. At just a hair over 10 feet long, 3 feet high and 42 inches deep, it’s a massive piece, with a solid surface, slatted lower shelf, a spot for covered storage and an area with three bins for easy access to frequently used items.



Freaky? Yes! “Sleeping on a cloud” is a longtime mattress cliché. The Elysium chair might actually deliver, no bed required. It was developed by David Wickett, a British inventor and designer who spent 10 years studying the relationship between posture and gravitational force, earning a doctorate degree in bioengineering along the way. The resulting chair combines a carbon-fiber skeleton and springs fused at precise locations and tensions. Its series of foams offer an unrivaled level of support and pressure relief. Mounted on a virtual cam that makes reclining completely effortless, the seat furnishes a weightless experience at a 25-percent recline that no other chair can provide.


Designed to compete with larger speakers than you’ll find in an Echo, the Google Home Max combines voice-assistant smarts with powerful sound. Underneath its acoustically transparent fabric grille are custom tweeters and dual 4.5-inch woofers for deep bass, powered by artificial intelligence that automatically adapts the output to its position in the room. It connects to most smart-home components, plays well with major streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Google Play (of course) and, thanks to Chromecast, also is voice-enabled to fling videos to your television. Available in chalk or charcoal.


Show your love for great tech icons by proudly displaying them on your walls. Framed Tech pays homage to outdated gadgets and vintage consoles by disassembling and arranging them into modern works of art. Each piece is thoughtfully hung on a 3-millimeter, PVC mat and placed in a custom frame. From Atari to iPhone, the collection has something to tickle every fan-boy’s fancy.


And for the garage … the Lamborghini Urus combines the marque’s legendary performance with the everyday drivability of sport-utility packaging. A twin-turbo, 650-horsepower, V8 engine drives all four wheels with the Aventador S’ rear-wheel steering. Inside, the four seats and interior hone Lamborghini’s reputation for cutting-edge design. Arriving stateside in spring 2018.