420 Gear Guide – February 2018

The CBD Guide

Pearl2o Creative Water

Put a little cannabis kick in anything you cook with Pearl2o Creative Water. The result of three years of development, this liquid edible has zero calories, zero fat, no cholesterol, no sugar and, most importantly, no weed flavor. It retains its THC and CBD concentrations when cooked, chilled or frozen, meaning you can use it for everything from cocktails to ramen noodles. It comes in 50- and 100-milligram bottles, available at retailers across Washington, which means you’ll have to cross the border for this one.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Booze — and CBD tinctures — are readily available on most flights. But the ingredients needed to make anything more complex than a Jack and Coke are nowhere to be found. Unless, of course, you’re packing a Carry On Cocktail Kit. Available in six styles — Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Champagne Cocktail, Bloody Mary and Hot Toddy — these self-contained, TSA-friendly tins include everything you need to make a couple of real drinks at 30,000 feet. Inside each kit are the proper ingredients for the cocktail, such as bitters or craft tonic syrup, along with tools like jiggers and spoons, a recipe card and linen coasters — everything a person on the go would need.

CBD Living Water

CBD water! Using quantum physics, CBD Living Water puts CBD and nutrients through a nano technology process that converts them into tiny particles, one-millionth of their size. Encapsulated in a water cluster, the particles are infused into the ideal 7.4-pH water to create CBD Living Water!



Urbal Activ Pet Serenity Snacks

This ultra-high-performance, organic hemp extract is formulated for active dogs. Gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, the all-natural Urbal Activ Pet line was created with furry friends in mind. The proprietary formula is designed to enhance the powerful effects of hemp extract, including CBD, for large and small dogs. Using homemade recipes, we bake treats fresh in our kitchen. Your pet will love the taste of our 3.25-ounce Blueberry Chicken treats!

Hypnos CBD Capsules

Whole cannabis flowers, high in bioactive CBD, are inside these easy-to-swallow capsules. Ten cannabis capsules are packaged with a bonus: 10 additional herbal capsules to help improve sleep. The herbal formula contains chamomile, hops and lemon balm in vegetarian capsules. Cannabis capsules feature the Swiss Tsunami strain, offering 100 to 200 milligrams of CBD and 7 to 45 milligrams of THC, in vegetarian capsules. This product is vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. Please place orders in a minimum of 10 packs.

Hemp Hydrating Shampoo

Hemp Hydrating Shampoo features a gentle, cleansing formula that contains a special blend of hemp seed oil and hemp protein that bonds to the hair and delivers nourishing amino acids. It is color-safe and gentle enough for daily use. Hemp Hydrating Shampoo is ideal for all hair types.

Pure CBD Eye Serum by CBD For Life

This lightweight, non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula was created to help with anti-aging and designed to shrink lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Gently apply a few dabs morning and evening under and around the eye area for optimal results.

Cannanda Enhanced Effect

Supercharge the effects of cannabis, THC and CBD with the power of Enhanced Effect and terpenes, all naturally. These gel packs increase absorption and uptake of THC and CBD to boost the amount of each in the body. THC effects are heightened euphoria and relaxation; CBD effects are enhanced pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. The advanced, synergistic formula enhances your cannabis experience, and the physician-formulated blend of terpenes targets cannabis tolerance.