Strain Report

The Pre-Roll Review – February 2018

Bailey & Murphy FIRE and ICE Hand Rolled Packs

Proudly grown in Oregon by Rogue Exotic Alternatives

Strain: Blue Cheese (Indica)

As tested: 3.5 grams

MSRP: $21

THC: 18.63 percent

CBD: 0 percent

First and foremost, this is one of the most creative concepts that’s seriously eco-friendly! This handmade “static” packaging is made without ANY electricity! We can only say so much but encourage you to check out Bailey & Murphy’s Instagram to see this amazing process. Now on to the flower: “It’s a good smoke for the price; very nice indica body buzz that will help your slumber come on fast.”

We smoked an entire pack of four joints. Luckily, they do sell refill packets just for this box already pre-packed with your own Boveda moisture-control bag. All in all, the price may seem a bit high for some as a first purchase, but if you look at the big picture of how much paper was saved to create the package from recycled material, not to mention all the natural resources conserved, you may actually feel pretty good about investing in one of these boxes. You won’t find one of these polluting an Oregon landfill!



More cheese!


Overall rating: B+

Karma Originals Dip Stick

Strain: Alien Lights (G13 Rosin Oil) + (Blueberry Kief) (Indica)

As tested: 0.5 gram flower; 1.8 grams oil; 1.8 grams kief

MSRP: $12.50

THC: 17.95 percent flower; 79.29 percent oil; 26.44 percent kief

CBD: 5.84 percent

D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Although this is one of the smaller of joints that Karma offers, it was just as tasty as all the rest. We have reviewed their products before, and not much has changed — that’s a good thing! Upon lighting a joint “dipped” in oil and kief, blow that first exhale to put out the potential flame that can run down all of the paper if you’re not careful. Now for the fun stuff: smoke responsibly! Dip Sticks from Karma always delight, but if you overdo it, the Alien will probe you right into the sofa! The flavors of earth and pine are intense throughout the entire joint. As it burns evenly, the Dip Stick gives you a serious body-calming effect with a great long-lasting high. We smoked this one for the purpose of sleep, and it did not disappoint. The distinct packaging that Karma uses also is a plus for Oregonians — it’s made entirely from recycled materials.





Overall rating: B+