420 Gear Guide – March 2018

Hennessey Exorcist Camaro

WOOF! Dodge won the revamped muscle-car war last year with the 850-horsepower Demon. The only way to drive out a demon is with a proper exorcism — embodied in a 1,000-horsepower ZL1 Chevrolet Camaro modified by Hennessey Performance. The Exorcist gets an increase of 350 horsepower over the stock ZL1 courtesy of a larger supercharger. Unlike the drag racing-focused Demon, the Exorcist can brake and turn on the racetrack, as well as hit a top speed of 217 mph. Only 100 are being made, with deliveries starting soon.

Table Top Burner Lighter

For aficionados tired of holding their own lighters, Alec Bradley Cigar Company created something special. Using a push-button ignition that produces a Bunsen burner-style adjustable flame with an even burn, The Burner Table Top Lighter properly “toasts” your buds instead of simply setting them on fire. The large butane tank holds up to two hours of fuel, and its chrome finish gives it a showpiece quality. Unlike traditional lighters that you have to hold, this tabletop design keeps you 100 percent hands-free.

Nectar Collector Honeybird Pro

Introducing the Honeybird Pro, the next level in Nectar Collector dab technology. The Honeybird Pro is the world’s first fully modular dab rig. The revolutionary threaded-glass to stainless-steel collar allows removal of the interior components, providing unprecedented ability to clean, replace and upgrade all the parts of this bird. This one has a lifetime guarantee on workmanship for all components except stinger tips. We give it an A+ product rating!


Never before has the medical community had a consistent, measurable dosing mechanism for smoking herbs. Patients love OneHitOneDa’s ease of use, and care providers love the measured hit. The OneHitOneDa is the best way to enjoy a consistent, measured dose of cannabis in your favorite glass.  When you know the potency of your pot, pack this one-hit device for a consistent, measured dose every time.

Hitman Glass Ray Gun Torch

Introducing the revolutionary-designed, previously owned, all-glass Ray Gun Butane Torch from Hitman Glass. This intriguing concept is a one-of-a-kind, heady collaboration between Hitman and longtime glass artist Darby Holm for a torch that features an all-glass body and base. The torch’s doughnut-shaped body features two gas valves and a spout to easily fill your torch with butane. The front of the piece showcases a realistically worked black and orange “ray gun” torch head, easily ignited with a lighter. This unique tabletop torch is perfect for any hard-core Hitman Glass fan or for a glass artist’s personal use. Exclusively available at www.

Marley Natural Black Walnut Bubbler

Experience instant pleasure in a unique, hybrid design from Marley Natural that lets you add water when you want it, but still packs a punch when you don’t. The entire piece is crafted with high-quality, hand-blown glass enhanced with black walnut wood sustainably sourced from North America. Designed with true enthusiasts in mind, Marley’s new go-to is ready to meet your every need — including looking sharp enough to double as decor! Unlike your common corner-store bubbler, this extraordinary piece transcends the rest with an easy-fill, screw-off base that allows the bubbler to break down into five parts for easy cleaning. Filled with water, the down stem bubbles away harsh toxins through Marley’s next-level globe-shaped percolator for smooth, mellow draws.


This third-generation PAX transforms both dry herbs and extracts into the clean, simple vapor that’s made these engineers one of the first household names in this cutting-edge technology. Easily enhance any experience with the peaceful, easy feeling that comes from straightforward function and crisp, clean inhales. Whether gold, black or silver suits you best, one-button activation paired with a green-means-go LED light system and subtle vibration delivers gently heated vapor in under 22 seconds. That’s less than half the time of the previous model and the best in the business! Smart technology even lets you keep track of your device’s stats with an intuitive OS/Android app. The app adjusts temperature in 1-degree increments while the device itself can bounce between four optimized presets. Every charge will yield you eight to 10 solid seshes powered by an impressive 3500-mAh battery. And it’s perfectly sized for palming in discreet mode or showing off on elevated adventures!

McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable

The new MT2 is a belt-driven table with moving-coil cartridge, compatible with moving-coil phono inputs and moving-magnet inputs. It also boasts a thick, solid-black, outer platter that’s dynamically balanced to resist external vibrations and noise for precise playback speed and accuracy. And because almost everything is factory-preset, you can have it unboxed and glowing McIntosh’s trademark green in minutes.