420 Gear Guide – April 2018

Revolution Sunday Lounge Chair

For outdoor lounging, most options either look great but aren’t comfortable, or they’re cushy but ugly. Now, with a tip of the cap to a previous era’s aluminum lawn chairs, the Sunday Lounge Chair arrives from Revolution Design House in Portland. Made of steel with a double powder-coat of paint and a laser-cut pattern, each chair is wide enough for comfortable lounging and is made to stand the test of time. They look better than just about anything available for your porch or patio, and custom colors and upholstery are available on request.

Mount St. Helens Eruption Candle

The 1980 eruption of Washington’s Mount St. Helens was the most devastating volcanic event in American history. Not only did the incident cause catastrophic damage to its surroundings, but it triggered a landslide, transforming a portion of the terrain into a mile-wide crater. That historic moment now is memorialized in the Mount St. Helens Eruption Candle. Using LiDAR elevation data and a 3-D printer, the cast concrete base is an exact replica of the mountain’s present-day topography, while the candle insert adds the summit lost during the eruption. As the candle burns, the melting wax recreates the historic destruction. Each base comes with two pure beeswax candles made in Portland.

Tanner Goods Court Classic

Tanner Goods in Portland knows a thing or two about high-quality leather products. From wallets to belts and plenty of other products, they’re no stranger to the leather game. That’s why these Tanner Goods Court Classic shoes — a collaboration with Rancourt & Co. — are a perfect progression for the brand. Designed in Portland and made in Maine, each pair features natural Horween leather and a beautiful honey Vibram sole. Rancourt’s process includes over 100 steps, further establishing the quality and care that goes into every shoe. Only 80 pairs were made, so don’t hesitate to add these to your growing collection.

Joey Roth Steel Speaker

Screw Alexa! Check out Joey! Designed with the same minimalist aesthetic that put Joey Roth on the map, the solitary Steel Speaker fills any room with high-end sound in style. Made entirely in Portland from steel, aluminum and maple, it’s wireless and features omnidirectional sound for a first-rate listening experience. The omnidirectional sound is achieved with the hardwood ball at the base of the speaker, pushing vibrant sound and housing the Bluetooth antenna simultaneously.

Octovo x Tilley Surfboards

When you buy handmade gear, there’s shopping local — and then there’s shopping local. Octovo x Tilley Surfboards fall squarely into the latter camp. Individually crafted by hand in a Port Orford shop from locally sourced cedar native to the region, these boards are made with rugged Pacific coasts and cold water in mind. Available in five designs, the surfboards feature original graphics and paint schemes to set them apart from every other board out there. And each one comes with a custom carrying bag complete with shock-resistant padding, waterproof materials, leather covers and handles, titanium hardware and padded shoulder straps.

Trust Co. Restored Axes

Spring is still a great time to gather around a campfire in your backyard, share stories, listen to music, drink spiked cider and ward off the evening chill. Build yourself a pile of firewood with these Trust Co. Restored Axes. Each single- or double-bit steel ax has been ground, sharpened and polished in the Portland shop, returning them to their original condition. Each ax head is fixed to a high-quality, seasoned-hickory handle that will last for years. The axes come with a custom-fitted leather sheath and are available in a range of lengths and styles.

The Portland Press

Made in Portland … the Mason jar: an iconic drinking vessel in much of the South and, at the very least, a reliable form of food storage everywhere else. The Portland Press is here to turn the Mason jar into something else: a French press. Made in Oregon from domestically sourced materials, the press includes a 24-ounce Mason jar, a wooden lid and handle, metal and plastic interior components, a custom-fitted cozy in grey felt and a lifetime warranty.

Man’s Face Stuff Moustache Wax

No Shave November yet may be a way off, but it’s never too soon to get some Man’s Face Stuff Moustache Wax! Handmade in the facial-hair mecca of Portland, it’s weather-resistant and comes in a variety of subtle scents: Gin & Tonic, tobacco- and coffee-infused All Nighter, cinnamon-tinted Red Hot, crisp, cologne-inspired Stiff Breeze and unscented for all you purists out there.