Hybrid Strain Report

Bud of the Month – June 2018

Insane ‘Candy’ Kush — (hybrid) Ikk – Moonshine Gardens

Insane “Candy” Kush is a proprietary strain grown proudly in Southern Oregon by Moonshine Gardens. Although Ikk is a hybrid, it leans heavily on the indica side with a 70-percent/30-percent tilt. Crossed with Lemon Kush and Bubblegum, this flower is just that — insane! It comes on with a bold, sweet, fruity flavor with light flower and more sweet undertones. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-looking too!

Ikk is a prefect hybrid for just plain relaxing, or getting a giddy. Lots of euphoria and happiness is packed in these light and tight, sun-grown nugs. This flower is guaranteed not to disappoint!

Helps with anxiety:

Helps with pain management:

Helps with insomnia: