420 Gear Guide – Harvest 2018 edition

Grasshopper 4.20

The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 uses liquid Co2 to flash-freeze instead of relying on the Grasshopper Extractor’s crushed, dry ice. Because liquid Co2 freezes plant material in 30 seconds, the Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 can process up to 1 pound of dry plant material in as few as five minutes, generating pure kief with yields up to 25 percent after two runs. Such speedy freezing allows for processing up to 6 pounds of plant material in just one hour.


Triminator Dry Trimmer

The Triminator Dry was born of necessity for a trimmer that could trim faster, cut closer and run longer without cleaning. Focusing exclusively on the rigorous demands of commercial growers and trim crews, engineers reimagined the Triminator from the ground up. The result is the most technologically advanced trimmer on earth. Its progressive, patent-pending design is built entirely from industrial-grade components, ensuring a lifetime of speed and precision.

Zenport trimming scissors

Zenport scissors’ soft grip and carbon steel are designed for efficient harvesting. These bad boys have a comfort grip to make your job a little easier. Useful in numerous other horticulture applications, the 6 1/2-inch blades make a great addition to any trimming task.





Viagrow drying rack

The Viagrow collapsible herb-drying rack is the perfect accessory for drying plants in any space for any application. This lightweight, open-air drying rack comes with six (35-inch-diameter) detachable levels that collapse neatly when not in use for storage inside the accompanying zip-up carrying bag. To assemble, simply unfold the drying-rack levels to their full dimensions then connect the six levels for nearly 6 feet of vertical drying space. These units are perfect for a closet space or a grow tent.






Tesla Semi

For those who grow a lot of herb and want to transport themselves in style, we give you the Tesla Semi! The Tesla Semi can accelerate from 0 to 60 in five seconds, without cargo, and in 20 seconds with a full 80,000-pound load, more than twice as fast as a traditional diesel truck. The Semi also can traverse a 5-percent gradient at 65 mph, compared with 45 mph for diesel trucks. This is all powered by the truck’s four independent electric motors.



CannaBox Containers provide licensed growers with turn-key, modular solutions for every stage of cultivation. CannaBox Containers saw a problem in the industry: hefty startup costs, lengthy on-site construction periods and difficult permitting processes. So CannaBox Containers strives to bring growers the most cost-effective, time-sensitive, code-compliant facility solutions on the market.


Knockbox 2

The new Knockbox 2 by Futurola still comes at a hefty price tag, but it will fill 100 joints in two minutes as promised, making your harvest just that much faster. Fill 100 pre-rolled cones in two minutes with the Futurola Knockbox 2. Please note that the Knockbox Standard is not compatible with Futurola’s Reefer Size Pre Rolled Cones.


Pyramex Highlander Plus Safety Goggles

These new gems are made from polycarbonate lenses that provide 99-percent protection against harmful ultraviolent rays. The resilient, durable frame features an extended, side-shield design that affords full eye protection from impact and flying particles, like WEED. The fully adjustable, elastic strap with quick release attaches to the temples for a secure fit. The indirectly vented foam carriage furnishes maximum dust protection with sufficient airflow, providing an outlet for heat to reduce fogging.