High Intentions

By Samantha Myers

Climb aboard for your trip on the Cannabus

When you smoke as much weed as I do, sometimes it’s hard to remember just where to start. So, high!

I mean: Hi, I’m Samantha Myers, and I’m an alcoholic. Fortunately for me, I found weed about seven years ago, and I’ve been drink-free for over six. That’s pretty much my premise. But there’s so much more …

Meaningless job after meaningless job left me feeling defeated, bored and lacking purpose. Until in 2014, I created an idea for a television show about weed.

You know how when you get a new car or puppy, and all you see is the model of the car or the breed you got? Well, the universe started sending me people who had been positively impacted — like I had been — by pot. And not in the traditional way we had all heard before.

I would hear stories of people no longer being paralyzed and wheelchair-bound because of cannabis. Or I learned of a person who struggled with opiate dependency crediting dabs with giving them the strength to overcome addiction.

Everything just started coming together. I knew cannabis had changed MY life, and I knew I wasn’t alone. I wanted to hear THEIR stories, YOUR stories and I HAD TO share them with others.

So I became a passionate advocate for legalization. I started fighting back against the misinformation about cannabis in the only way I knew how: through storytelling.

Thus, “High Intentions” was born. On the show, I planned to crisscross the nation talking to everyone from cops to cartels. I’d end up in Washington D.C., pull up to the White House, speak with the president. What about? Pot.

Oh, yeah. I’d smoke with the president, too. I wanted to get deep into the weeds, so to speak. OK, so maybe not this president. But you get the gist …

One minor problem, though. We owned the trademark, but we didn’t have a bus. That is, until October when, lo and behold, a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder motorhome arrived on my doorstep. The kindness of strangers caused my dream to materialize before my very eyes. And their kindness still reverberates.

Anyway, perhaps you might recall seeing its twin on the television show “Breaking Bad”? Walter White’s character really loved the color BLUE. Well, my “bad” (ass) version has lots of character, and the Cannabus loves all things GREEN, if you know what I mean.

I’m super excited to have my own column, to share our journey getting the Cannabus “road ready” and to hear your stories of transformation through cannabis. Future columns will address topics like differences between state and federal laws, the endocannabinoid system and gender roles in the cannabis industry … or whatever else I can come up with when I dab myself silly.

Each week, I would love to answer a question for you directly, or go to my arsenal of trained cannabis professionals to ensure that your question is answered as completely and eloquently as possible. These questions can be in a “Dear Abby” or “Dear Sammy” format.

Aside from successfully using marijuana to combat my addiction, I have experience in the industry as a budtender and in edibles sales, as well. If you need advice on making the transition into the industry, or what to do if your significant other thinks you smoke too much, I have your answer. Your new “Weed Man” is a woman. Get ready!

As more and more states legalize the medical and recreational use of cannabis, what effect will this have on our great nation? This Earth? Our dear mother?

Hop aboard the Cannabus, my friends. Let’s go find out. We can do this together.

Cannabus change the world? Weed like to think so …