Who is the ‘man’ behind the curtain?

Modern condition asks us to reclaim humanity.

By Andrew Mount, The Green Man

In an age dominated by issues of toxic masculinity, disaster capitalism and patriarchy, do we not see that the “man” behind the curtain is really all of us?

Indeed, the scientific term used to describe this time in geologic history is: the “Anthropocene.” It means that the largest physical force for change on the planet’s surface right now is the whole of humankind.

All of us are hominids. All of us are one species. It could genuinely benefit us to start behaving as One.

Meanwhile, politics have deteriorated into a “bread and circuses” display of infinite distraction. The “attention economy” has turned everyone into cyborgs seeking virtual validation. Identity politics may have become a tool of diabolical social Darwinists precisely because it divides us against ourselves. And without doubt, we are being served by a false economic dream if everything on Earth is for sale, including the climate and people themselves.

So why not see all humans as the culprit in our mind-numbing, soul-crushing, eco-cidal consumerism that surely does all of us a profound disservice? Not to mention the unborn generations who must live under a cloud of uncertainty until the gaps in our models may be bridged with love. Do they not deserve our care and have rights to the same abundance we have inherited from Mother Gaia? Are we not them also?

How do we effectively indict ourselves in this unprecedented crime against nature? Shall we conduct a trial? How about it? Let us put ourselves on trial and see what a jury of our peers says about the sociopathic behavior we demonstrate daily.

When the Olympian gods overthrew the old order, a time of new coherence and democracy was born, hence the Hellenic model that preceded our own in the United States. Unfortunately, the “man” behind the curtain today is Cronus himself, that last-born of the Titans, who we ourselves have become in the pursuit of ultimate freedom and power.

The sad fact is: Freedom is a myth, for we are all in service to one another. Without this basic contract between all beings, there is no society whatsoever. Therefore, freedom is an abstract concept that hinges on our willingness to devote everything to our common cause as humanity itself.

When we forget the lessons of history, we have become our own shadow. This global economy is destructive. So why would a supposedly sentient species do this to itself? Could there possibly be a good reason? Is it so we awaken from the continued errors of our past once and for all? Maybe we are just destined to leave the Earth like in the movie “Interstellar,” or are we not indigenous to this place at all?

If we do have an indigenous soul, one that loves the Earth, then and only then can we end the patriarchy within ourselves. The drive to acquire material wealth and power is at the root of it. Yes, the Earth can support this dream, but ONLY if everyone is guaranteed an equal share of Earth’s bounty.

When Dorothy discovered that a flimflam artist had been causing her so much consternation, she was immediately empowered to realize her hopes. We humans, right now, are exactly in her position. Once we unmask our own fear of being insignificant as a form of self-hypnotism, we then can grant ourselves passage home. The literal meaning of the prefix “eco-” is “home.” As Joni Mitchell said: “We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

A future world of equity and fairness is possible. It may not come right away. It is like a dream that we barely remember upon waking, one clouded by the morass of drama now predominating our attention. Maybe this is a good reason to not watch the news. It is certainly possible that we are being programmed with fear by the mass-media complex and that the “man” behind the curtain is the one telling us we have reason to worry. Yet this could be a very big lie we swallow because we are just little girls from Kansas, not great and powerful wizards.

Well, let us dispute this presumption directly.

We are powerful. We are possessed of magically creative solutions. We can address the inequities in our culture and ensure a balanced ecology for future generations. Only by accepting the status quo are we acting like Cronus instead of Zeus and his family. We are worried for nothing but our own impotence in the face of forces greater than ourselves.

Yet there is no force greater than humankind in the Anthropocene. Remember this: We are the One who can change everything! We don’t even need to click our heels together three times, but only to look in the mirror and see the Wizard as a simple human who himself wants nothing more than to return home.